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karambi and marjyot

punjabi wedding - colourful saris, bright lights, close knitted family, constant dancing and music that i don't understand. :)

here's karambi and marjyot's wedding MTV draft.
(click on the pic to view their MTV)


it was quite an experience, a full 4 days of non-stop celebration, especially when u c all the family members and friends getting into the groove of things.

and yes, they've their own version of sabo. the girls stole K's shoe and he had to sing, dance and profess his love to M b4 he could get it back. :)

Bunch of Photographers + Videographers + Wii = Pure Madness + 2 days of Arm Aches

As u can tell, Joho and Eil/Mel are the craziest.

and James makes one hell of a superb lagsana.

ActiveChannel is hiring a fulltime editor (video editor) who can also do videography.

Mainly helping with edit work from our present footages, and can do reality-style editing ala Ripe TV.

Package is $3k/month + CPF + performance bonus (based on work churned out)

10 am – 6pm , 1 hour lunch.

Please send body of work to my email!

May forward to interested parties.

Thanks for your help

Rachel Lee


email: rachel@activechannel.tv

mobile: +65 9750 0414


Sep. 4th, 2008


my fav pic from denise n joseph's wedding

that opened mouth, it's so her, no?

(photo taken by stephen loh from lyrical moments)
my hm is in the midst of a war zone.

neighbours all around seem to b undergoing renovations.

when 1 hse is completed, the next begins.


more boring work updates

Aug's a packed mth. (as u can tell from my lack of entries.)

First it was Karambi & Marjyot's wedding from 8th-11th Aug with Livestudios.sg
then Satsuma Shipping Pte Ltd's Opening Ceremony,
followed by HP, AMK CCN (too lazy to type out the name in full so you'll have to guess what does it stand for) and Rednano.sg (great local directory. you can find everything and anything you'll ever need in/from spore in there.).
Next week's not gonna be any easier.

I need a holiday.

But for now, some pics.

Karambi & Marjyot's wedding with Eileen from Redhat Media


Check out the colours man. They had the entire stage re-decorated and had an entire AV crew just to deal with the lights and various bands/singers. It was a hell of a party (all 4 nights.)

It was actually more interesting than a Chi wedding as everyone was involved in the wedding. -grin.



That's us with Eileen and Melvin from Redhat Media (duh, where else?)

photo courtesy of Regina and James (their website is still under construction so......)

Jul. 28th, 2008

now that's judy's compeition's over, her results are out.

in judy's words (bcoz im lazy to rephrase lidat)

'i won medals for all my entries
4 gold, 2 silver
i got an industry award (which is when the judges vote n decide that ure marketable)
and i won a 10k scholarship to new york conservatory of dramatic arts'

'i shld be proud of myself!!
only 5 pple got the scholarship
and i beat the angmohs to get gold!!'

i think i secretly love the idea of working on 2 macs.
it gives me the illusion that i'm more productive.

ok. bs aside

i wld like a wii.
a wii fit, anybody, pls?

to the cat who is literate

dearest cow,

you are the stupidest cat i've ever had. you've been roaming around this neighbourhood for years and you can still get lost? seriously lah, cow. i've heard of numerous stories where cats separated from their owners would by hook or by crook make their way back. HAVE YOU FOUND A NEW OWNER??? bah. -steps on you. even daddy sneered at you and said that you've been married off.

this is my last warning to you - if you're not coming back within the next 2 weeks, i'll get myself a munchkin.

the girl who picked u up and watched you grow faat
the keyboard of my macbook has gone to high heavens.

we tried to clean it with a white sponge (mavis' suggestion) n apparently i soaked it in too much water.

even the hairdryer treatment didn't wk.


so does anyone know of somebody who wants to sell their macbook/pro/imac away?


how long does it take for the water to evaporate anyway?

it's been 2 long (and noisy and restless) weeks.


on a separate note, is anyone willing to get me a pool table for my house warming party?